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Twin Peaks from a small town

Welcome to Twin Peaks
Welcome to Twin Peaks

The Twin Peaks Festival was recently held in North Bend, Washington the weekend of August 2-4, 2013.  This was the 20th anniversary of the event.  Sold out, with about two hundred people attending!  The festival started in 1993, after two seasons of Twin Peaks, which first aired in 1990.  It has achieved cult status with a defining impact on the careers of the actors.

Big log appearing in the credits
Big log appearing in the credits

The first season aired in 1990, the year I moved to Ellensburg.  I don’t recall any television in Ellensburg at this time, certainly not for someone working to support her horse habit and riding every chance she got!  I just recently completed watching Twin Peaks in its entirety and am completely mesmerized.

What's left of the Packard saw mill
What’s left of the Packard saw mill

I’m not an expert, but Twin Peaks captures your attention with its film noir ambience, its stylish details enhanced by the episodic continuation that encourages the magnification of plot and character.

Cherry pie and. . . .
Cherry pie and. . . .

I missed the Festival, and I think I’m going to have to seriously consider attending next year!  Get my donuts and cherry pie, along with a damn fine cup of coffee!

Did it happen here?
Did it happen here?

A few days following the festival, I took my own road trip and searched out some of the filming sites.

The Sheriff's office
The Sheriff’s office

The Sheriff’s office has a new life now.  You can still see the square spot on the sidewalk by the entry where the signage used to be.

The reception area where Lucy Moran held "court" with Deputy Andy
The reception area where Lucy Moran held “court” with Deputy Andy

The glass no longer exists in the reception area where Lucy Moran held court.

Ronette's bridge
Ronette’s bridge

Ronette’s bridge crosses the Snoqualmie River, and it has morphed into part of a nature trail, nice and paved, not the railroad track it once supported.  It is a favorite spot of local weekenders looking to stay cool on a hot day.

Drop on in. . . .
Drop on in. . . .

The Roadhouse is still the Roadhouse, now the Fall City Roadhouse, a great place to have Sunday Brunch or other eats!

The Great Northern
The Great Northern

The Great Northern Hotel is, of course, our own Salish Lodge and Spa used for exterior shots with the Kiana Lodge in Poulsbo used for interior scenes.

A long drop. . . .
A long drop. . . .

The base of Snoqualmie Falls was used for Maddie’s burial site.

Get your Twin Peaks souvenir coffee mug on your next visit!
Get your Twin Peaks souvenir coffee mug on your next visit!

The Double R Cafe is alive and well as Twede’s Cafe, and remains a mecca!  Your timing will have to be impeccable for your spot in the diner.  I like sitting at the bar for my pie and coffee.

How about you?


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From a small town to Spokane

Memorial Day weekend . . . .my daughter and I typically have a mother-daughter weekend earlier in the year.  In the past we have elected to spend time in Leavenworth.  This time, we thought to spend some time in Spokane, staying at the Davenport Hotel, an historic destination.  We were happy to be able to put the trip together at the last minute!  Sometimes, I will take my chances, and come what may!  It’s not the first time I’ve been pleasantly surprised!

We treated ourselves to Sunday Brunch in the lobby of the Davenport.  We enjoyed urban fun with shopping at the River Park Mall, within walking distance from the hotel.  We saw the movie Moonrise Kingdom, a coming of age movie, with Bruce Willis hilarious as the bumbling chief of police, see it!

We had an extended side trip to Old Mission State Park in Idaho, ending up at the Silver Dollar Restaurant and Casino in Montana, where I realized a long held goal of owning a pair of longhorns to hang on the wall!

We finished up with a drive to the top of Spokane, savoring the view!

What was your last road trip?  I hope it was as enjoyable as mine!


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Cowboy gathering in a small town

February during President’s Day Weekend is the time for the Spirit of the West Cowboy Gathering, a weekend filled with music, poetry, cowboy workshops of every imaginable kind, and a special kind of camaraderie for both the locals and drop-in visitors!

Whilst the town is busy for the three day weekend, I had opportunity to meander and see the sights on Saturday.  The venues are spread out between the University, the Fairgrounds, and the Downtown area, so gratefully, nothing ever seems very crowded, nice for us locals!

I got in on the mule packing demonstration.  The wrangler was showing his exertise with the use of a decker pack saddle, and preparation of manties.

The Gear Show is always a favorite, with cowboy gear and clothing, saddle makers, hat dealers, artists, and saddlers.  There were demonstrations on pine needle baskets, the souvenier table, and I had an interesting talk with the livestock brand inspector.  Lunch was served during the weekend by the folks using cast iron cookery!

Heading downtown, I stopped at a couple of venues for music and poetry.  Fitterer’s Furniture was nice, comfortable chairs and couches while listening! and the Clymer Museum kept your attention with both artist and artistry!  Downtown venues were free of charge.  I rotated between a couple during the forty five minute sets.

The Music Hall at Central Washington University kept music lovers entertained all three days with concerts in the afternoon and evening.  Saturday night finished up with a dance at the Kittitas Event Center.

Whether you hit it or missed it, mark you calendar to be in our small town next year!  You’ll enjoy it!


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Pure cleaning in a small town

Bluebell duskWe have our transfer station here along with recycle stations.  Certain days are held to turn in oil and other chemicals.  Why not minimize and make your own household cleansers?  The ingredients may be more basic than you think!

Here’s a simple recipe for to revitalize your carpet.  Isn’t this the time of year when we think about fluffing and buffing, and deodorizing the carpet from the winter high traffic?

Carpet Revitalizer

1 cup white vinegar, 3 cups warm water, 2 cups baking soda, 2 tablespoons cornstarch, and 4 drops vanilla essential oil.

Mix the vinegar and water together and lightly scrub with a brush (do not saturate).  Store excess in a glass jar.  (Shelf life 3-4 months.)

Next, sift the baking soda, cornstarch, and essential oil together using a hand sifter.  Sprinkle over dry carpet, let sit for an hour, then vacuum.  (Powder shelf life 2 weeks.)

 – From Natural Cleaning for Your Home, Casey Kellar

Get your copy here!

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Sunday drive to a small town

We are having a heat wave here, in the 90’s, too hot to do much!  I arranged to meet a girlfriend at the Roslyn Sunday Market, a higher elevation, and about ten degrees cooler!

I got going in the morning, while still pleasant, taking the Cle Elum exit to mosey to Roslyn.  I stopped in at the Cle Elum Bakery, they were doing a brisk business  between the coffee and donuts!  My favorite has always been the maple twist with nuts!

I met my friend Liz in Roslyn, where we meandered through the market.  Today was the last day of the season, it will be missed!  Many unique offerings and vendors, including sheep’s cheese, cigar box guitars, beautiful flower bouquets, it was such a day for blossoms!

We had a late breakfast at the Roslyn Cafe, it has been quite a few years since I had been!  It was nice to see the staying power of this establishment, and the mural on the outside wall!

Go to Roslyn and take a look!  Pack a picnic and go further to Lake Cle Elum, hike into Cooper Lake, or camp at Salmon La Sac.  Make a day of it, and cool off!


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Stehekin and life in a small town

My daughter and I took a day trip on the Lady of the Lake to Stehekin, accessed only by boat, foot, or plane.

Stehekin has about 85 year-round residents, and is somewhat of an artist’s colony.  We took the Express up, and the slower ride back on the Lady of the Lake II.  That gave us a three hour layover.

Stehekin is an access point for outdoor recreationists into Lake Chelan National Recreation Area and North Cascades National Park.  It also offers isolated relaxation in the village. We boarded a tour bus on departure from the Express to take in the sights.

The first stop was Rainbow Falls, named for how it catches the light and creates rainbows.  Take a hike low, or a hike high, to view it.  You might get close enough to catch a cool spray!

Next was the Stehekin Bakery, quite famous for its homemade goodies.  We all partook, I left with a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie for later!

Back in the village, we visited the Golden West Visitor Center, which houses the National Park Service with maps, information, books, and a schedule of presentations during the week.

We ate lunch at the Stehekin Landing Resort, bought souvenirs at the General Store and checked out the offerings for kayak and horseback riding at the information kiosk.  Stehekin Valley Ranch, a little further past Rainbow Falls, also offers getaway packages and Sunday Brunch!

Opportunities for day hikes, bicycling, or just packing a picnic lunch are also options.

The ride back was relaxing, giving you time to meet and chat with other passengers, read a book, or nap.

Here’s to your inspirations for memorable day trips!  Whatever you do, get out and enjoy them!


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Fifth grade graduation day

The end of an era, of elementary school, of little girl sensibilities, and the evolvement of a new level of maturation!  More than one transition, including braces on her upper teeth, the rest coming in a few weeks!

To celebrate, time spent with classmates after school before summer.  Paula got her hair trimmed and colored, with matching nail color, at Bahama Bronze with Alisha Gordon’s help.  Paula had a feather added to her hair for extra emphasis!

We had a day in Leavenworth, with lunch at Pavz, the crepe bistro, checked out the toy and hat store, got cheese at the Cheesemonger’s Shop, and finished up with books from A Book For All Seasons bookstore.  We finished up the day with a picnic at Lake Wenatchee, and drove around looking for Fish Lake, passing through the little town of Plain (Saturday Market at the hardware store).  Check out Mountain Springs Lodge for horseback riding and Sunday brunch.  There was a wedding going on when we were there!

Here’s to your celebrations of transitions!


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