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Sunday drive to a small town

We are having a heat wave here, in the 90’s, too hot to do much!  I arranged to meet a girlfriend at the Roslyn Sunday Market, a higher elevation, and about ten degrees cooler!

I got going in the morning, while still pleasant, taking the Cle Elum exit to mosey to Roslyn.  I stopped in at the Cle Elum Bakery, they were doing a brisk business  between the coffee and donuts!  My favorite has always been the maple twist with nuts!

I met my friend Liz in Roslyn, where we meandered through the market.  Today was the last day of the season, it will be missed!  Many unique offerings and vendors, including sheep’s cheese, cigar box guitars, beautiful flower bouquets, it was such a day for blossoms!

We had a late breakfast at the Roslyn Cafe, it has been quite a few years since I had been!  It was nice to see the staying power of this establishment, and the mural on the outside wall!

Go to Roslyn and take a look!  Pack a picnic and go further to Lake Cle Elum, hike into Cooper Lake, or camp at Salmon La Sac.  Make a day of it, and cool off!


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