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From a small town to Spokane

Memorial Day weekend . . . .my daughter and I typically have a mother-daughter weekend earlier in the year.  In the past we have elected to spend time in Leavenworth.  This time, we thought to spend some time in Spokane, staying at the Davenport Hotel, an historic destination.  We were happy to be able to put the trip together at the last minute!  Sometimes, I will take my chances, and come what may!  It’s not the first time I’ve been pleasantly surprised!

We treated ourselves to Sunday Brunch in the lobby of the Davenport.  We enjoyed urban fun with shopping at the River Park Mall, within walking distance from the hotel.  We saw the movie Moonrise Kingdom, a coming of age movie, with Bruce Willis hilarious as the bumbling chief of police, see it!

We had an extended side trip to Old Mission State Park in Idaho, ending up at the Silver Dollar Restaurant and Casino in Montana, where I realized a long held goal of owning a pair of longhorns to hang on the wall!

We finished up with a drive to the top of Spokane, savoring the view!

What was your last road trip?  I hope it was as enjoyable as mine!


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