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Mt. Rainier from a small town

How lucky are we to have a national park right in our back yard?  Mt. Rainier National Park is a treasure of flora and fauna, with year-round access for hiking, cross country skiing, horseback riding, even mountain biking on the perimeter boundaries!

Even late in the summer, the flowers were verdant and full of color.  Mount Rainer and Tipsoo Lake provide a stunning view.

The visitor center here at Ohanapecosh has camping, educational material and displays, and trails.

Get a perspective on history!

Packwood, seven miles further from the visitor center, is a quaint mountain town.  Check out the sandwiches and burgers at Cliff Droppers!  A giant flea market, here twice a year, on Memorial Day weekend, and Labor Day weekend, is worth checking out!  Lots of fun!

Have your choice be westward to Crystal Mountain and the scenic gondola ride, maybe lunch at the top but certainly spend some time with the view, and the gift shop.  Pack a picnic lunch and get some extra hiking in while you are there!

Since I travel from the eastside access from Yakima, I’ll follow up with a future post from the westside, from Longmire!

Stay tuned!


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