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Fifth grade graduation day

The end of an era, of elementary school, of little girl sensibilities, and the evolvement of a new level of maturation!  More than one transition, including braces on her upper teeth, the rest coming in a few weeks!

To celebrate, time spent with classmates after school before summer.  Paula got her hair trimmed and colored, with matching nail color, at Bahama Bronze with Alisha Gordon’s help.  Paula had a feather added to her hair for extra emphasis!

We had a day in Leavenworth, with lunch at Pavz, the crepe bistro, checked out the toy and hat store, got cheese at the Cheesemonger’s Shop, and finished up with books from A Book For All Seasons bookstore.  We finished up the day with a picnic at Lake Wenatchee, and drove around looking for Fish Lake, passing through the little town of Plain (Saturday Market at the hardware store).  Check out Mountain Springs Lodge for horseback riding and Sunday brunch.  There was a wedding going on when we were there!

Here’s to your celebrations of transitions!


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