Leaving Stehekin for our small town

Sunday, August 12, 2012                  6:30 a.m.             Reporting from The Lodge, the Village

Breakfast on the deck at the Lodge
Breakfast on the deck at the Lodge

I cannot resist my early morning coffee, the lake is like glass, it is so still.

We are all returning with some sun, although without burns, and a few misquito bites, spider sightings, and bear countings, up to nine thus far!

The Village is quiet, reflection of late Saturday night for some.  I hear a motorboat now, the day is starting. . .

Yogurt Parfae for Alanna
Breakfast yogurt for Alanna

Breakfast at the Lodge:

Meatlovers omelet, yogurt parfait for Alanna with a side of toast and hashbrowns.  Hotcakes for Paula, coffee, of course.

Omelet for me!
Omelet for me!

Noon, all loaded, ready to cast off.  Clear sailing, the lake a little choppy compared to the glass of this morning, earlier.  The girls are singing, I love to see the interaction between them, the fun, and Paula’s smiles and giggles.

Fruitstand on the way home
Fruit stand on the way home

Stopped at a fruit stand after landing, on the way back, and another stop at Mineral Springs, the restaurant, for grilled ham and cheese and ice cream sundae, something for everyone all around so no one goes home hungry!

A vacation to remember!

Where was your most memorable?


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