Stories from Stehekin in a small town

Looking east from docking area.As previously posted, Paula, Alanna and myself are enjoying the aftermath of our excellent meal at the North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin.  The Forest Service ranger is the sole automotive traffic.  The murmur of others enjoying the end of the day as we are. . . . .the red shuttle tour bus is parked ready for the arrival of the Lady Express in the morning.  We will catch the 11:15 a.m. shuttle bus to Stehekin Valley Ranch tomorrow, arriving in time for lunch.

A perfect escape from the heat of the valley, predicted to be 90 degrees each day, but the windchill off the lake brings the mountain coolness.

The journals from the Forest Service Center are a hit!  The ladies are spewing forth their own thoughts, perhaps things they haven’t thought about in the melee of social media interaction?

Beautiful!After dinner pensiveness instead of an after dinner drink. . . .good company!  I’m purrrrring. . . .  .set the world aside, you don’t have to wonder, because it’s there, and you are here, the best of all solutions!

journaling. . . .The most socializing happening is the swallows having their evening conversations, and promenading in the sky above us.  This was a good day, nothing on the agenda but relaxing. . . .Alanna will attend the Forest Service talk on climate change tonight at 8 p.m.  I will jump in the shower, and Paula will hang out in the room.  Checkout time is 10:30 a.m.  We’ll have breakfast here at the lodge.

I’m looking forward to morning coffee and the voice of the lake teasing me awake.  Anticipation is half the fun, or perhaps a good portion of it!

view from the room8:27 p.m.  This is perfection!  The aspect of Room 19 lends itself to privacy.  The room has a view to the north, filtered by the ponderosa pines outside the deck.  The wind has diminished to a gentler, cooler breeze.  The windows are open, I sit with my feet up, with no outside forces allowed in. . . . .cushioned and insulated.

Went to sleep in a cloud. . . . .


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