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August 8, 2012  Captain’s Log   Vacation Trek  

This is Captain Terri, escapee from a small town civilization into the wilderness. . . .

After a leisurely trip up Lake Chelan aboard the Lady of the Lake II, (the slow boat), we disembarked and checked into our room at the North Cascades Lodge at Stehekin.

Wood paneled walls displaying wildlife art prints, pillowtop beds with down comforters, and a view over Lake Chelan welcomed me, my daughter Paula and her friend Alanna.This trip qualifies as a trip to the wilderness, no wifi, no cell phone service, and no TV! Yikes!

I’m having too much fun, introducing both of them to a vacation short of technology!  Tomorrow we will get journals at the Forest Service Center to enter our thoughts.  Alanna says it’s calming, as she burrows under her quilt and retreats into her book. . . . .

Dinner at the lodge restaurant over a glass of merlot with spinach and artichoke dip. . . . .I had a half rack of barbeque ribs (they make their own sauce) and mashed garlic potatoes.  House pasta with shrimp for Alanna, the sauce was yummy!  Paula was the most adventurous with rainbow trout and pineapple curry rice!

Local plunder included an autographed book by a local author, chocolate at the general store, withdrawal averted!

As we sit out on the deck after dinner (I am a stuffed animal!), a gentle but persistent wind blows away the lethargy, awakening us to the nuances of the surrounding mountains in the shade of the sunset.  The lapping of water and the squeak of docked boats, and the wind in the trees, lull us from the cares of the larger world.

The last time Paula experienced the pleasure of social solitude was when she was but a toddler at Crater Lake National Park.  The Lodge is beautiful, restored, wonderful food, and perfectly isolated!

Stay tuned for the rest of the adventure!


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